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Purrfects UK Dog Walking Bag Crossbody with Poop Bag Dispenser (Sky Blue Corduroy)

Purrfects UK Dog Walking Bag Crossbody with Poop Bag Dispenser (Sky Blue Corduroy)

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  • POO BAG DISPENSER - The front logo poop bag dispenser makes this the perfect dog bag for new pet owners. Convenient storage for poop bags helps to remove waste from the public environment. It is helpful for dog trainers, as new pups are more prone to accidents. Designed by pet owners from the UK.
  • ALL-PURPOSE STORAGE BAG - The dog treat bag can hold anything from poop bags to mobile phones and other accessories. Zippered pockets provide a large capacity, helping to carry everything needed for a trip to the dog park.
  • ULTRA-DURABLE MATERIAL - Made from premium material, it can withstand rough conditions, making it perfect for daily walks and commutes. Our dog bags are also washable, so cleaning them is a walk in the park.
  • WEATHER RESISTANT- We've designed these bags specifically to be weather resistant. Plus, the dog walking bag features spacious dual-sided pockets that keep everything secure, removing the need to worry about essential belongings.
  • ADJUSTABLE STRAP - These dog walking bags for women come with an adjustable strap, meaning they can be worn around the shoulders or across the body. It provides a hands-free carrying experience which makes life easy for pet owners.
Those walks to the dog park seem a lot longer if you carry a ton of stuff in your hands. The traditional handbags and shoulder bags just don't cut when it comes to storing pet-related items. You need space for storing poop bags, treats, and other accessories. Purrfects understands the struggle of pet owners and presents the perfect dog walking bag. Our high-quality 360 clips, strap, and treat bag can be customized with other designs. The treat bag can be unclipped and clipped onto other bags or leashes, making it extra versatile. Poo bag dispensers on the side are super handy and practical for storing compostable dog poo bags. Our bag is ultra-durable and will not break down on one of your walks. So go ahead and make your dog walking experience more enjoyable with our fantastic dog walking bag! Forget those poo bags with tie handles! This bag makes dog owners look stylish while being super functional. It has plenty of room for all your dog-walking essentials, plus a few extra goodies. The comfortable shoulder strap makes it easy to carry, and the sturdy construction means it will withstand all your adventures. When you are not using it for walks, it doubles as a great traveling bag. Our dog treat pouch is made from durable nylon and polyester. an adjustable shoulder strap for comfortable carrying. Whether you're out for a stroll or a rigorous hike, this bag will ensure you're always prepared. Hit the trails with your best furry friend by your side.
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