Slow feeder dog bowls

Buy the Purrfects Slow Feeder Dog bowl, UK's most loved manufacturer of slow feeder dog bowls. We specialise in creating premium quality dog bowls that slow eating. That's why we are the UK's fastest growing manufacture of dog supplies. We sold over 15,000 bowls to happy customers last year!

Introducing the Purrfects Slow Feeding dog bowl

Why Buy Purrfects?

If you want to improve your furry friend's health and every mealtime experience, you should consider buying The Purrfects Slow Feeder Dog Bowl.

Feeding your dog at a slower pace can prevent several issues such as obesity, bloat, and gastrointestinal problems. The Purrfects slow feeder dog bowl is designed with ridges and mazes that require your dog to take their time to reach their food. This feature encourages your pet to eat more mindfully, leading to a longer mealtime and aiding digestion. Additionally, the bowl is made of high-quality, BPA-free silicone material that is sturdy, durable, and easy to clean. With The Purrfects Slow Feeder Dog Bowl, you'll be investing in your furry friend's wellbeing and happiness.