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Please read the instructions below and watch the training videos

Dog whistles are a tool that makes a high-pitched, ultrasonic sound that is hushed to human ears, but loud and clear to dogs. Depending on the pitch you have your whistle set at, your whistle will sound like it is barely making a noise, but don't worry, it is omitting a sound that can be heard by your dog.

Whilst your dog will hear the whistle it's a common misconception that they will immediately recall or react when they do. You will have to train them to act out commands or recall when they hear the whistle. We've provided a short video on how to set up your whistle and a training video below.

Dog whistles are a form of canine communication that can be used to train dogs and get their attention, or to stop certain behaviors. Dog whistles are often used with clickers and treats to establish a behavioral routine. They can also be a distraction or a deterrent for barking dogs.

Please watch this video on how to set up your whistle

Check out Donnas training tips below, thanks Donna.

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